Monday, 21 January 2013

January print

A new year starts with a new print.

I have been working on a series of prints over the past few months which focus on domestic subjects that have strong memories for me. The most recent is based around an old singer sewing machine which was my mother's and now belongs to me. My mom taught me to sew on this machine and it is very precious to me. It has its own sturdy, wooden storage box so it has been kept in almost perfect condition. When I take it out of the box the smell of the machine takes me back to being 5 again!

Cutting the lino/vinyl is a job that I still absolutely love. It can take hours of concentrated work but I get totally absorbed in it. 

The first print out of the press is very exciting as I'm never sure its going to be as I want it. The press has recently had a good service and is working very well producing beautifully crisp prints.

The first proofs are OK but the block needs a bit more work on it so i'll put them to dry while I do a bit more cutting!

After several more cuts and proofs I finally I get the print I want! 

'A Stitch in time'


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    1. Oh thank you! I really enjoyed making it. I've had it in my head for ages so it's great to see it finally come to life!