Friday, 30 November 2012

Where did November go?????

I can't believe my last post was September. I've been so busy this month and thought I'd better write another post today or it will be December and another month will have gone by. Lots has been happening.

I did my first ever craft market this month in Shropshire with 'Made in Shropshire'. It was hard work but great fun and a good learning experience. I spent weeks printing and then sewing the pieces into finished products.

It was hard to know how much stock to make and which items to concentrate on. In the end I made lots of everything and hoped for the best.

The next task was the stall itself. I looked at as many other markets as I could get to and looked online to get ideas about how to display my work. This was fun but all takes so much time when you are desperately trying to make stock!

In the end I was quite pleased with how the stall looked and had lots of very positive feedback from customers and other stall holders.
I was very lucky that it was a beautiful sunny day. I'm not sure it would have been as much fun had it been pouring down. Made lots of sales and had great feedback.

Since that Market I've been busy drawing and working on new prints. My prints can be seen now all together on a new Etsy shop

My plan for December is to really concentrate on my paintings which have been neglected recently.