Monday, 1 April 2013

Lovely things I saw in Venice

Happy April 1st! Not sure what happened to March but to be honest I'm quite glad it's gone.  Most of it was grey, wet and very cold and that includes a trip I made to Italy!
Rain in Italy is only fractionally better than UK rain.
I was away for a week but managed to get to various places including Venice, Turin and Genova, with a day trip to Portofino.
Despite the grey rain I saw some lovely things ...........

Colour pigments in a shop in Calle delle Boteghe, Venice

The ceiling of the Accademia, Venice

 A Venetian wall

Enormous pans used for cooking fish for the whole village during festival, near Genova

Lovely facades in Portofino

Amazing colour on a wet day in Venice

Washing in Portofino

and of course those beautiful shapes in Venice