Saturday, 15 September 2012

A day in London

 This week I spent a wonderful day in London looking at works of art and being very inspired.
 I started at the Mall Galleries to see  Bite : Artists making prints. This was a great show of printmaking in Britain today. All the work was selected from open submission and provided a really varied show.

In the afternoon I had the privilege to visit the studio of Albert Irvin, an artist whose work I very much admire.
His studio is in an old school building with very large windows which fill the space with light and air.

Some very large canvases fill one wall 

Tea time!

Four pint beer cans which are used to perch work on while in progress. They are a work of art in themselves.

Albert's painting smock with years of accumulated paint!

The man himself. Hard to believe he was 90 in August!