Saturday, 26 January 2013

Beach finds

Over the years I have collected pocketloads of stones from beaches here and abroad. I've brought kilos of pebbles through customs,  throwing out shampoo and flip flops in order to get those finds within the baggage allowance. Some of them have moved house many times over decades but they still stay with me.

This sad little face came from  the Greek island of Paxos. I found it on a beach but because it weighed so much (1.5kg) I decided to leave it. For the rest of the day I regretted that decision. Next day I went back to the same place and it was still there so it was meant to be!!

This 'sheep's head' also came from Paxos a few years later. In the 'eye socket' is trapped a tiny shell which moves when you lift the head and looks just like and eye opening and closing. I spent the rest of the holiday trying to find a suitable body but to no avail!

This friendly monster came to live with us years ago from Hartland Point in Devon.

I have plates and bowls full of others which are just lovely shapes or colours. I'm always on the look out for the perfect heart but haven't quite got there yet. 

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