Monday, 20 May 2013

A Trip to Shanghai

I recently returned from a trip to Shanghai to visit my daughter. I spent many days just walking around the city taking photographs and exploring areas I hadn't seen before. Its a huge city, full of incredible images!

The city viewed from the Oriental pearl tower.

There are some amazing buildings in the city which range in style from these ........... these!

I like to walk around the old parts of the city and to visit local markets which are full of colour, 

......and less so

Hidden away down a back street is the Indigo Textile museum. The lengths of dyed fabric are left to dry on lines in the garden. The silk and cotton is dyed using Batik and Tie dye techniques.

Washing is left to dry all over the city, on lines and bamboo poles. I love this bed spread which has been appliqued with traditional characters.

Bicycles are used to carry anything and everything!

The Shanghai museum has a beautiful collection of old coins and seals . I love the shapes and patterns made by the traditional characters

And the modern shapes and colours of the night life!

Shanghai is a great city to walk around. Full of extraordinary contrasts. 
Its very safe and very friendly.

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