Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Happy New Year

I know it's a bit late but Happy New Year all the same.
Over the Christmas holiday I was at home in Shropshire. It was a great break and lovely to catch up with family and friends. As I was away from the studio for two weeks I had to make do with other creative outlets! I'm useless at doing nothing!

Mostly the weather was pants but when it did stop raining we managed to get some walking done in the Shropshire hills. My favourite walk is from 'Ashes Hollow' in Little Stretton and takes you for a good 3 hours over the Long Mynd. It's so beautiful up there and we rarely see more than a handful of people.

Fantastic tree forms on the way up.

On top of the Long Mynd looking north

Starting the descent looking east

When we got back we had lots of hot soup and cheese scones. These scones are a basic scone recipe to which I add about 100g of strong, grated cheese. When I've rolled the dough I cut out circles using a large round cutter then in the middle of each one I cut out a second, small hole (so they look like ring doughnuts!) If you then twist them they look really nice when they are baked. I also brush them with milk and scatter more grated cheese on top, then bake them.

Spicy cauliflower soup with Cheese scones. Yum!

I also did quite a lot of knitting while I was on holiday. I love knitting baby stuff so a friend's new grandchild gave me a good excuse!

This Kimono jacket is a free pattern from  Ravelry
Its so easy and knitted all in one piece so there isn't loads of sewing up to do!

This is a lovely 'Baby surprise jacket'
by Elizabeth Zimmermann. Again it's knitted all in one so no seams.

The last thing I started but still have to finish is a scarf designed by Martina Behm and is available on 
I'm knitting it in Rowen Summerspun shade 113 which is lovely wool/cotton in a gorgeous colour.

Over Christmas I started eating Soda bread and have been looking for good recipes to make my own. The best I've found so far is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Classic Soda Bread. 

It's so easy to make - takes half an hour from start to finish! I Love it!!

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