Friday, 20 July 2012

Graphite series

Mincer (image size: 64x50 cm) in graphite

Hand Whisk  (image size: 63x43 cm) in graphite

Can opener (image size: 50x24 cm) in graphite

Small open scissors  (image size: 22x25 cm) in graphite

Small closed scissors  (image size: 17x25 cm) in graphite

Crinkle cutter  (image size: 43x24 cm) in graphite

Strainer spoon (image size: 57x32 cm) in graphite

Fork and spoon  (image size: 55x26 cm) in graphite

I've finally finished a group of graphite drawings that have been on the go for ages. They began because I was looking at some old kitchen utensils from the 1950's and 60's. I started to collect a few of them and now I have lots more that friends have donated. In fact I have enough to do another series when I can find the time. The drawings are quite large.

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